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Albras, the largest primary aluminum producer in Brazil, launches its alloy production line called PFA (Primary Foundry Alloy) with 7% or 11% addition of silicon to serve the automotive industry. The launch will be highlighted at the company's stand at the Pará State Industry Fair (FIPA), which takes place between May 15 and 18, at Hangar, in Belém (PA). Among the other products in the company's portfolio, the high purity lines of primary ingots P0610 and P1015 are also presented. & Nbsp;

These products in the Albras portfolio can be applied to the development of electric motors and cables, the manufacture of wheels and motorcycles, pistons for car and aircraft engines and reinforce the company's commitment to the verticalization and integration of the Pará aluminum chain The availability of these products in Pará can contribute to the local socioeconomic development, because it can make the region more attractive for new investments, for example, in the automotive area. These products may also bring positive results to the state's trade balance and industrial GDP. To prepare the plant for this new moment, Albras has been making significant investments since 2016. In 2018 alone, more than R $ 200 million was used to renovate equipment and maintain assets, such as casting vats and Foundry waiting ovens.

Visitors to the fair can get to know Albras products and also understand how the company works in the development of suppliers and local labor, strengthening the social development axis of Barcarena and the state of Pará. Potential suppliers can also do their job. online registration to integrate the company's supplier portfolio.

João Menezes, president of ALBRAS

“The opportunity to launch products of this relevance at FIPA is certainly a demonstration of our commitment to the development of Pará. In addition to strengthening our leadership in the primary aluminum market, the fair allows us to show the diversification and excellence of our products. products, ”says João Batista Menezes, president of Albras. & nbsp;

Operational and Productive Excellence

Since 1985, Albras has been producing aluminum ingots for remelting , which are used as raw materials in foundry, extrusion and rolling mills. < / p>

In addition to ingots, the company also supplies liquid metal to a client producing electric cables in the Barcarena region. Recently, the company reconditioned the production line of conductive busbars for electric power, which are used in the Reduction (assembly of own electrolytic tank), which can be sold if there is a market. Other types of alloys and primary ingots may also be manufactured at the plant in order to increase the portfolio and, consequently, turnover. This is a work between the plant team, the commercial area and Hydro's PMT (Metal Technical Team). At that time, only batches were manufactured for testing and market research, but in the near future they can become regular production.

Highlights at FIPA

PFA: & nbsp; Primary Foundry Alloy (PFA) or Primary Aluminum Alloy is a product manufactured especially to serve the automotive industry. It is developed from the primary metal P0610, with the addition of anti-alloys that provides properties suitable for the manufacture of wheels, pistons for car engines and airplanes. In its manufacturing process, four elements are added: silicon (allows the production of products with more complex geometries by the fluidity in the foundry mold), titanium, magnesium and strontium.

Albras manages to manufacture this alloy with 7% or 11% silicon, in addition to meeting a demand of approximately 500 tons per month. The investments for the development of the PFA were made in 2016. To guarantee the production of the PFA, the company purchased a new tilting oven for its fifth ingot mold, in addition to a degasser and a filter to remove inclusions and guarantee the quality specification required by the customers.

P1015: & nbsp; product with low levels of silicon and iron, for the electrical, civil construction and metal-mechanic sectors, in addition to marketing for export and supplying internal demands with a focus on cables and motors electrical.

P0610: & nbsp; a product of higher purity from Albras, a characteristic that provides manufacturing with higher quality and allowing greater flexibility to your process. Silicon does not exceed 0.06% and Iron 0.10% for application in the cable and electric motor manufacturing, automotive and motorcycle industries. This league is aimed at export and domestic demands.

Traditional Portfolio

P1020: & nbsp; the company's main product, supplied to other companies in the aluminum chain as a raw material for applications in the civil construction, metal-mechanical, electrical and automotive segments. This product is aimed at the domestic and foreign market for consumer goods, tools, motors and electric cables and profiles.

Liquid Metal: The production area for liquid metal, Redução, has 4 production lines and destines approximately 60 thousand tons of this product annually to the local manufacturer of aluminum electrical cables. Liquid Metal is one of Albras' most traditional products.

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