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Hydro executives visited, last Wednesday (13th), the works of the Pará School of Work and Production (ETPP) and the Recyclable Materials Sorting Unit (UT), which are being built in the municipality of Barcarena / PA. The mayor of Barcarena, Renato Ogawa (PL), and ten councilors accompanied the visit. The constructions are being carried out based on the Company's investments, through the Term of Commitment signed between Hydro Alunorte and the Government of Pará, in 2018. The activities started in November, with the cleaning of the land.

“We are investing in partnerships that aim to strengthen public policies developed in Barcarena. These two investments - in education and in the environmental area - are important steps in the development of instruments that are part of municipal management, but that meet two basic needs of the citizen, ”said Eduardo Figueiredo, director of Territorial Development at Hydro.

“There are two important works. The Technical School, which is sure to help Barcarena's youth, making families dream of better days. The Sorting Plant, with the issue of solid waste treatment, is very important for society, which is even a goal of this management ”, said the mayor.

Technical School - After the land clearing activities of the future ETPP, started in November, the next step will be the technical and structural evaluation of the existing buildings, where a specialized engineering company will point out the current conditions. The result of this analysis will guide the construction project team on what interventions will be necessary to complete the school and are essential for the preparation of a work schedule. In the execution phase, the work will cost up to R $ 25 million. The project should generate about 250 temporary job vacancies during its construction, prioritizing the hiring of local suppliers and labor.

Upon completion, the building will be donated to the Government of Pará, responsible for the equipment, furniture, as well as the management, operation and maintenance of the ETPP in Barcarena. The school project aims to strengthen professional technical training in the municipality and is in line with Hydro's Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, which is guided by the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals. Hydro remains committed to making a relevant contribution to the sustainable development of the communities in which it operates. The education and qualification of local professionals are important pillars for this development.

Solid waste - The construction of the Recyclable Materials Sorting Unit (UT) will contribute to the management of solid waste in the municipality of Barcarena. Up to R $ 30 million will be invested in its implementation. After the completion of the works, scheduled for August 2021, Hydro Alunorte will donate it to the government, which will be responsible for the management and maintenance of the infrastructure.

The first stage of construction consists of the revitalization and adaptation works of the building purchased by Hydro Alunorte for the installation of UT, located in Vila dos Cabanos. In addition to civil works, the company will purchase and install all the equipment, furniture and materials necessary for the operation of the unit. The expectation is that during the works more than 100 jobs will be generated for the region.

When ready, the Sorting Unit will have the capacity to process up to 280 tons of recyclable waste per month, resulting from the selective collection to be carried out by the municipality.

UT is also one of the pillars of the Sustentar Program, an initiative of the companies Hydro Alunorte, Albras and the Municipality of Barcarena, which aims to support the solid waste management of the municipality through training, cooperatives and environmental education for the local population, with special focus on people who work as scavengers at the municipal garbage dump. Through the program, these workers organized themselves into a cooperative in 2019 and, since then, have received training and are still preparing to operate the future screening unit.


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