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Today, 27th, Albras, a company owned by Hydro and NAAC, Nippon Amazon Aluminium Co., donated to the City Hall of Barcarena, Pará, the building where it used to be one of the former employee residences, in order to install a field hospital to reinforce hospital care for possible cases of contamination by Covid-19 in the municipality. The municipal administration will carry out adaptations in the building, as well as the installation of the necessary equipment for the operation of the hospital.

The property was used as an employee accommodation until 2015. Located in the neighborhood Vila dos Cabanos, it has a total area of 3,780.00 m², with 36 apartments with individual bathroom, and outdoor areas such as laundry, cafeteria and bathrooms.

The dialogue between the company and the Barcarena City Hall about the donation of the building started in 2019 and was accelerated due to the pandemic. In the future, a space from “Todos Pelo Trabalho” will be implemented there, one of the social programs led by Albras and Hydro Alunorte, which involves a network of partners from the municipality, such as public authorities, private companies, community leaders and trade unions in the region, and in the future it should be a space for training, employment promotion and events.

"The company has been following the developments of the Covid-19 situation and taking effective measures to protect its employees, family members, contractors and assist in the prevention and combat initiatives, integrating the collective efforts to prevent the entry and spread of the virus," explains João Batista Menezes, Albras' CEO. 

Prevention Measures - Albras and the other Hydro companies have been taking various measures to protect employees, contractors, their families and the communities where they are present.

Hydro has established a proactive dialogue with the municipalities where it operates in order to seek ways to support the actions of the municipalities to fight against COVID-19. One of Hydro's initiatives in collaboration with public authorities and society was the commitment to supply mineral water to the shelter created by the State Government of Pará, in the Mangueirão stadium. The first shipment was made last Sunday, 22nd, with the donation of 51,000 liters of mineral water.

In addition, companies have suspended all domestic and international travel by their employees, and restricted inter-municipal travel. Visits, training and face-to-face events were postponed, and virtual meetings became part of the units' routine. All employees who recently traveled and returned home, or who received relatives from other regions, are quarantined for 14 days, even if they have not shown symptoms of the disease.

Employees identified as part of risk groups - over 60 years old, pregnant women, those with chronic, heart or respiratory diseases, among others - were preventively removed from work without prejudice to their salaries, as well as young apprentices and trainees. Home office was also adopted for all employees who can perform their activities in their homes.

The companies also reinforced their hygiene, health, safety and communication procedures with employees who work in activities that cannot be performed at a distance. Measures are already in place to protect these professionals, from transportation to care in the work environment, such as reducing bus and cafeteria occupation.

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