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Last Thursday (November 18th), Hydro's Human Resources director, Douglas Ruozzi, and geotechnician Géssyka Moraes Silva, participated in a live at the Federal University of Pará (UFPA, in Portuguese). The event was part of the promotion of the job openings in the “Talento Infinito” program, aimed at interns. In it, participants answered questions from university students and shared experiences within the company. Géssyka started her career at Hydro as an intern and is now an employee.

“Starting as an intern at Hydro was a unique process in my life. I learned a lot and I can only be grateful. After 1 year and 8 months I was hired as a Junior Geotechnical Engineer for Hydro Paragominas. All this because I signed up”, recalls Géssyka.

When asked if there was a career path for interns, Douglas Ruozzi explained and showed that Géssyka is an example of this.

“We have several examples of employees who started at the company as interns, such as Géssyka. Hydro's plan for our intern's career is to help them to develop. Therefore, it is always important to train, study, learn. This process also includes our values: Care, Courage and Collaboration. Hydro invests in the development of new talents, and interns are one of the groups that benefit from this strategy, alongside the programs for apprentices and trainees”, he said.

In the end, the two gave a primordial tip for the selection process.

“Don't be afraid and trust your potential. I was able to see each area, understand which one I wanted to pursue professionally, and all this thanks to Talento Infinito”, stated Géssyka. “Be yourself. Authentic, transparent, acting respectfully, added Douglas.

Applications for the “Talento Infinito” program is open and runs until November 28th. To join, you must be studying Higher Education from the 4th semester of graduation in January 2022 and have knowledge of the Office package. Due to the protective measures resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic, all program selection stages will be virtual and consist of online applications, screening, online tests, group dynamics, interviews with managers (in person) and admission exams.

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Applications will be accepted from university students from more than 25 graduation courses. The complete list is available on the program's website. Steps in the recruitment process include online assessment through Tests of Reason, English and Fit Cultural.

Those selected will receive a market-compatible scholarship, in addition to food tickets, transportation vouchers, health insurance and life insurance. The internship lasts for 1 year and can be renewed for another year if the intern is still graduating. At the end, the intern receives a certificate of participation.

“Talento Infinito” is a partner of Evaldo Lodi Institute (IEL), which integrates the “S” System and aims to promote School-Company interaction through its various programs, including supervised internship for students. The program was structured with the objective of effectively contributing to the development of young people, including training, mentoring for mentors, monthly meetings with HR and podcasts. Interns also develop group improvement projects throughout their trajectory within Hydro. In addition to the internship program, Hydro invests in the development of young talent through programs aimed at apprentices and trainees.

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