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Hydro sponsored the 2021 World Bioeconomy Forum

Held for the first time outside its country of origin (Finland), the event took place between November 18 and 20 in Belém-PA


The World Bioeconomy Forum brought together several authorities who discussed sustainable solutions in order to foster a greener economy and slow down climate change. The Forum had as its main focus the Bioeconomy, which is the study of biological systems and natural resources, using new technologies to create more sustainable products and services in a circular economy model.

A successful example of this model is the Tipitix - Agrifood Community Entrepreneurship project, by the Hydro Sustainability Fund in partnership with the Mitsui Bussan Foundation in Brazil, which started in October 2021. The project, which lasts for one year, is part of the actions of sustainable development in the Amazon, the main agenda of the World BioEconomy Forum, and aims to support more than 20 producing communities in Barcarena, Pará, in the processing of family farming products, marketing and marketing strategies for the products, facilitating the access of small producers commercial establishments in the region, industrial restaurant operators in Barcarena and innovation startups in the agrifood chain. With this, it helps to provide better conditions for those who live off the family economy in Barcarena to reach new markets, whether through product development or the insertion of technological innovation.

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In Press Porter Novelli

External Press Officer

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