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Seven projects selected in the bid for the Hydro Sustainability Fund (FSH) will begin their activities in Barcarena, after the presentation of the necessary documents for the transfer of the investment, and the monitoring of its implementation. Despite the restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, the FSH technical team maintains permanent contact with the authors of the other projects analyzed by the Evaluation Committee so that they can resolve the pending issues and formalize partnerships.

The FSH notice included three lines of financing: promotion of work, employment and income and the environment; institutional strengthening of associations and social organizations; and sporting or cultural events. The projects also had to be adapted according to the measures to prevent and control the spread of the coronavirus, for the safety of the participants.

“The Hydro Sustainability Fund is focused on building a form of planning shared with society. Investment guidelines are built by society within the Sustainable Barcarena Initiative (IBS). Our goal is that, with each public notice, more organizations submit projects that contribute to improving the quality of life in the region. And in this scenario that we are experiencing, we want to ensure that proposals with potential positive impacts are contemplated ”, says Eduardo Figueiredo, director of Territorial Development at Hydro.

Created by Hydro, Alunorte and Albras, FSH voluntarily supports non-governmental social projects aimed at the sustainable development of the Barcarena region. The choice of projects was made by a Project Evaluation Committee, made up of representatives from FSH, financing companies and local civil society, defined by the IBS working groups. In the analysis, criteria of technical, economic, environmental and social relevance were verified. The first call for proposals guarantees a total investment of R $ 730 thousand.

Supported projects - Among those selected by the public notice, is the initiative of Amana Katu, which will implement low-cost hydroponics technology as an alternative for agricultural production, contributing to the increase in productive capacity and income of 35 small producers in Barcarena. Talento Recursos Humanos will offer training to street vendors in situations of social vulnerability so that they can access markets with greater added value and guarantee food security and decent work.

The NGO Parceiros Voluntários will carry out a training project for civil society organizations working in the areas of social assistance and the environment. And Ethos Consultoria Contábil Associados will offer resources for the formalization and legalization of non-profit entities. Another selected project, with a focus on facilitating the regularization of associations, was the “Union Leadership Symposium” which will promote training, courses, lectures and accounting advice for each registered entity.

In the line of cultural projects and events, the Association of Parents and Friends of the Exceptional (APAE) of Barcarena presented a project aimed at integrating people with multiple and intellectual disabilities with actions that ensure the development of those served through socialization. And the Bela Vista do Carmelo Residents 'and Farmers' Association will carry out the Crê-Sporte Eventos Project, which will serve children and adolescents between the ages of 07 and 17 of both sexes, through different sports activities and lectures on citizenship concepts and social responsability.

About the Hydro Sustainability Fund - Non-profit organization created in 2019 to promote sustainable development and support community-based projects, based on the guidelines outlined within the scope of the Sustainable Barcarena Initiative. It finances projects that contribute to sustainable development, with investment lines based on real demands in the territory. The Fund is maintained by the companies Hydro, Albras and Alunorte, and has an investment commitment of R $ 100 million in 10 years.

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