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“Todos pelo Trabalho” Network offers professional training courses for Barcarena

The inaugural class of the Industrial Electrician Course, at Senai, marked the beginning of activities this year. The network is supported by Hydro, Alunorte and Albras for professional development and qualification.

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In 2021, the Todos Pelo Trabalho Network will offer approximately 70 professional training courses for residents of Barcarena. On the last day 25/01, the inaugural class of the Industrial Electrician Course took place in partnership with Senai-Barcarena. In this training, twenty-five students will have two years of free course. The initial activity was carried out at Senai headquarters, with all measures to protect COVID-19.

“We understand that only with the effective and active participation of civil society, public authorities and companies, we can articulate and execute successful partnerships for the benefit of society and sustainable development”, said Domingos Campos, Hydro's director of sustainability . He also stressed that “with the support of partners SENAI, SENAC, Instituto Fedral do Pará (IFPA) and Microlins, public authorities, among others, the insertion of local professionals in the multiple economic sectors in Barcarena will be enhanced”.

Francijule Almeida Gouveia, a 28-year-old student, points out that "this course they provided me is being very important because for a person who has never had access to the topic, like me, it is an opportunity to achieve something in the future", she commented. For Gil Tavares, technical pedagogical coordinator of Senai - Barcarena, "contributing to professional education and bringing knowledge to the community is the best way to add new skills and technology to teaching here", he highlighted.

The courses are free and aimed at training in the areas of civil construction, commerce, services, agriculture, human behavior and industry. The public is formed primarily by young people, workers in general, unemployed and who seek to invest in development, people with disabilities (PCDs), self-employed and workers in Barcarena. New course opportunities will be announced soon by the Todos Pela Trabalho Network.

About the Todos pela Trabalho (Everyone for Work) Program - Started in 2018 and has actions focused on four areas: access to work; professional training and qualification; work and income alternatives; and the networking of the actors involved. The Program provided the opportunity, in Barcarena, to create a network of partners to articulate, plan and carry out actions in the Todos Pela Trabalho Program.

All of this based on a diagnosis, carried out in 2018, which identified the current profile of the local workforce, the scenario of opportunities, the difficulties encountered by the government and companies to act in order to meet the demands of workers. The study involved more than 2,500 residents of the municipality. The survey also identified the main economic activities that generate jobs and income in the city, including industry, construction, commerce, services and agriculture.

The Program is implemented by the consultancy Synergia Socioambiental and is aligned with the global agenda of the United Nations (UN) Organizations, which seeks decent work and economic growth. It is an initiative of Hydro, Albras, Alunorte and partners of the Network, SENAI, SENAC, IFPA, Microlins and public authorities, among others, aiming at the development of professionals and the promotion of full and productive employment in the communities of Barcarena.

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