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The Amazon is a very complex biome, and knowing more about its multiple realities helps to broaden the public's perception of the importance of finding ways for its sustainable development. From this perspective and as part of its commitment to support the sustainable development of the Amazon, Hydro, together with partners specializing in the subject, launches the course "Introduction to the Amazon", initially developed as part of the training offered by Hydro for your employees. The introductory module of the original course, called “Amazon in Context”, is being made available as a free course, in EAD (Distance Education) format, in Portuguese and English. With the implementation of the Peabiru Institute, the course can be taken by people in Brazil and abroad interested in knowing more about the multiple social and environmental dynamics of the Amazon. Registration will be open from June 5th, World Environment Day, through the website

The course presents an overview of the Amazon biome, encouraging participants to reflect on biodiversity, indigenous peoples and current issues. For this moment, specialists from different areas were invited to compose the thematic set and, based on the contents, video classes and support materials were prepared for monitoring.

There are 66 videos, totaling just over 30 hours of classes, divided into five modules, recorded by the Peabiru Institute and partners - including teachers and researchers, indigenous and quilombola leaders, companies and social movements - on important and current topics such as an immersion in the Amazon, particularly the Brazilian Amazon. Among these partners are COIAB – Coordination of Indigenous Organizations of the Brazilian Amazon, MALUNGU – Coordination of Associations of Remaining Communities of Quilombos of Pará, MMIB – Movement of Women of the Islands of Belém, Romã Institute, Paraense Museum Emílio Goeldi, INCRA, UFRA, USP and UFPA. The course offers a certificate of completion with a workload of 31 hours and will be issued by the Peabiru Institute.

“The objective of the course is precisely to bring multiple voices active in the Amazon on different topics for a broad introduction. Hydro discusses and shares with its employees its practices to preserve the environment and biodiversity. Our proposal is to take this discussion beyond our units. In this way, we reinforce our commitment to the sustainable use of resources. We believe that a greater understanding of the Amazon and its complexity helps to increase society's adherence to good practices of respect for the environment”, says Domingos Campos, HSE director at Hydro.

Sustainable Commitments

Hydro is a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact, which aims to mobilize the international business community to adopt, in its business practices, fundamental and internationally accepted values ​​in several areas, the environment being one of them. Investing in sustainable technologies for its operations is part of Hydro's business strategy, as is the commitment to develop and support initiatives that contribute to a more sustainable world and the maintenance of biodiversity.

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