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Hydro launches exclusive hotsite for monitoring the TAC

Platform has accessible language and up-to-date information on the commitments made in the signing of the document

The hotsite is now live, aimed at the general public, with all the information on the progress of the Conduct Adjustment Commitment Term (TAC), signed in 2018 after heavy rains over the municipality of Barcarena.

Developed by Hydro, the hotsite has an accessible language and brings up-to-date information for monitoring audits, studies and other initiatives related to TAC. The new channel also gives visibility to the composition of the Monitoring and Technical Committees, formed, respectively, by representatives of the communities and specialists representing the signatories of the TAC.

The construction of a hotsite is not part of the TAC's obligations and the launch of the new channel is a voluntary initiative by Hydro and Alunorte to increase transparency on the progress of the initiatives being implemented as part of the TAC.

The hotsite is exclusive to the TAC and does not replace the site.

About TAC

The TAC was signed to deepen the understanding of the main issues and doubts of local society regarding the heavy rains that occurred in February 2018, in the municipality of Barcarena (PA), as well as to carry out audits of Alunorte's operations. Signed in September of the same year, the TAC provides for the implementation of emergency measures based on the principles of precaution and prevention, in addition to maintaining a cooperative attitude, ensuring the socio-environmental quality in the region, including the execution of evaluation actions, studies and improvements in the process. of Alunorte, among other measures.

In Press Porter Novelli

External Press Officer

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