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Incentive to culture is inclusion

Hydro renewed its sponsorship of the Carlos Gomes Choir, a partnership that started in 2019, and which aims to promote culture through music.

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Hydro renewed the sponsorship agreement with Carlos Gomes Choir, with the return of face-to-face presentations. The aluminum company is the first private organization to sponsor the Choir. This incentive aims to promote culture through erudite, regional and popular choral music in the State. In addition, Carlos Gomes Choir carries out various activities in the area of ​​music, with national and international recognition.

This sponsorship is part of Hydro's communication strategy, which has sought to be increasingly present in the locations where it operates. “To give continuity and recognition to this entire national and international success story, we renewed the partnership. Hydro is very proud to support the local culture and witness the evolution of these promising talents and professionals”, highlights Nelia Lapa, Vice President of HR, Communication, Health and Safety at Hydro in Brazil.

The conductor of the Choir, Maria Antônia Jiménez, points out that “Hydro was the first multinational company that had the sensitivity to listen to us, to value us and to take us to its side, understanding that we are a representative group of the State of Pará. The events produced by the company for our presentations are of a high standard, which demonstrates the appreciation of our work. In addition, when the pandemic came, the company maintained the sponsorship, even without being able to take advantage of our counterparts in person. Possibly, without this partnership, our Choir would have ended, as happened with so many musical groups in Brazil, in that very challenging moment”.

The choir's tenor, Flávio Silva, says that Hydro's sponsorship has been of paramount importance inside and outside the group. “Within the Choir, because we have presentations, rehearsals, and this help is very important for us. Already outside the Choir, this sponsorship helps us to have opportunities like the one I am having now to be a student of Conducting and also help other people. Participating in the Choir is something wonderful, it is a life dream come true. Even before joining the Choir, I used to watch presentations, attend rehearsals and I said that one day I would participate”, says Flávio Silva, tenor.

For these final months of the year and the beginning of the next, the team intends to resume presentations throughout Pará. “We have an intense activity in Belém, holding concerts and participating in popular and classical music events, singing from brega paraense to opera, passing through sacred, popular paraense music, MPB and classical music of all periods and styles. The Choir is characterized by musical eclecticism and quality in everything it performs, which is proven by specialized critics, by the public and by the international awards received. And this partnership gives us the strength to follow our path, in search of further improvement and to continue taking good music wherever we go”, highlights Antônia.

About Carlos Gomes Choir - The 27-year history of Carlos Gomes Choir has been marked by many collaborations with artists from Pará, encouraging the development of new talents and promoting local culture. Composed of students, alumni and professors of the Carlos Gomes Foundation, the group has already achieved national and international recognition, with several awards, and the production of three albums of its own. The number of choristers is around 20 members.

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