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The national award, given every two years by Luxembourg business federation FEDIL, delivered by Carole Dieschbourg, the Minister of Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development, highlighted the plant’s production of low-carbon aluminium.

The minister emphasized that Clervaux’s efforts, especially with production of CIRCAL 75R aluminium extrusion ingot, which is guaranteed to contain at least 75% post-consumer, recycled aluminium, fit perfectly with the country’s priority to develop a circular economy and deliver on climate issues.

“This is a big recognition,” says Plant Manager Ludovic Dardinier.

CIRCAL and REDUXA, Hydro’s extrusion ingot with a guaranteed maximum carbon footprint of 4kg of CO2 per 1kg of aluminium produced, are part of Hydro’s efforts to lower climate emissions and increase recycling of aluminium.

hydro clervaux luxembourge environment award group
From left: René Winkin, director FEDIL (Luxembourg business federation), Michèle Detaille, President FEDIL, Carole Dieschbourg, Minister of Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development, Ludovic Dardinier, Hydro, David Sénégas-Rouvière, Hydro, Philippe Bastin, Hydro, Daniel Rotheudt Hydro, Michael Leonard Hydro.

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