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In terms of scale, it can be anything from a small event with a couple of pull-up banners, to a several hundred square meter exhibition stand at a large trade show. These general guidelines cover the most basic principles, and are applicable in all situations.

Colors and Materials

Only official Hydro brand colors may be used. Always ensure that colors have the same appearance across all methods of application (such as paint, coat, foil and print) - never leave this up to chance. Ask the suppliers for samples that can be compared and adjusted if needed.

In order to be instantly recognized as Hydro, colors should mainly be chosen from our primary palette. Secondary colors are permitted; however, try not to use more than one if not absolutely necessary. Extensive use of white is recommended to create a neutral backdrop for screens, photographs and other graphics, as well as to create a calm and comfortable physical environment.

exhibition booth. dark blue wall with large images, wooden partitions, cafe style seating, small display pedestals
Reusable hanging aluminium frames for displaying film, photography or communicating through text. May also hold shelves that can be used to display products.

The choice and combination of physical materials must be carefully considered. Like with all other parts of our visual identity, material choices reflect who we are and what we stand for as a company, and should support a positive and unique brand experience. Based on this, we have defined a minimalistic, Nordic material palette that focuses on sustainable materials and is a esthetically compatible with our brand identity:

  • Light wood such as white-pigmented oak or ash
  • Aluminium
  • Textiles in natural materials
  • Genuine leather
  • Frosted and clear glass
  • Greenery / living plants