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By using our presentation template with both internal and external audiences, you help to ensure that our stakeholders will have a positive and uniform experience of our brand, reinforcing that our work supports the common goals of Hydro, and is part of a collective body of work that comes from one institution.

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Where to find the template

Only use the official Hydro PowerPoint template. It is available to all employees directly in PowerPoint by selecting "New - Norsk Hydro - Corporate". 

Over time the template may evolve and improve, but the template provided in PowerPoint will always be up to date. Updates will be communicated through the appropriate channels with additional information and instructions on how to upgrade.

The template includes several options for title and chapter slides, as well as a variety of content slides to accommodate many different needs. Lastly, it has a standard end slide which should be used in all presentations.

Our color palette is included in the template and is chosen automatically when creating graphs, charts and other graphics. Please do not modify these colors or use others, and if adding any colored elements like icons and infographics from external applications, please make sure they are consistent with our brand colors.

Ivar Hydro and Arial, the Hydro brand typefaces, are predefined in the template. Please do not modify the type sizes or weights unless absolutely necessary, and never use other typefaces.

Using the template

Avoid making slides that are too complex, overloaded with bullet points, lacking in focus, and/or filled with poor quality images. The slide templates include some white space, which helps create balance and allows the audience to focus on what is important.

To avoid a cluttered look, please refrain from placing any elements in these areas. Edit your text to fit within the predefined text boxes, or consider spreading the content across multiple slides.

You should prioritize three things for all your slides:

  • Simplicity
  • Clear and meaningful message
  • Quality visuals