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ChargeNode chooses low-carbon aluminium for a more sustainable charging solution

ChargeNode’s pioneering charging technology is helping develop the infrastructure for electric vehicles in Sweden and accelerating the country’s transition toward greener mobility. Using low-carbon aluminium for its centralized charging units product is an added benefit.

ChargeNode's technology enables many vehicles to share a centralized charging unit that distributes charging based on parking time and charging needs. Its innovative solution is an aluminium duct with integrated charging sockets that is mounted like a railing along car parks, and which provides charging to all parking spaces. In this way, it is unnecessary to install expensive charging boxes in every parking space.

The Swedish company also makes its systems more climate-friendly through its choice of materials, in this case, by using the low-carbon aluminium products Hydro CIRCAL and Hydro REDUXA.

“A large part of our solution is based on sustainability,” says Kristian Sandahl, CEO and founder of ChargeNode.

Low-carbon aluminium in a circular lifestyle

The solution from Hydro consists of a duct with associated cover and brackets that hold all cables in place. The main profiles are made with Hydro CIRCAL, a material that contains at least 75% recycled aluminium scrap. By recycling aluminium that already has lived its life in other products, Hydro drastically reduces energy consumption in the production phase while the material itself maintains the highest quality.

The brackets are manufactured using Hydro REDUXA, an aluminium product that has been manufactured entirely with renewable energy sources, such as hydropower. Its maximum carbon footprint of 4.0 kg CO2 per kg of aluminium produced, corresponds to one-fourth of the global average.

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"Electric cars themselves are a climate-smart choice, but today's infrastructure is not adapted for millions of Swedes to own electric cars,” says Sandahl. “By choosing components from Hydro and other reliable suppliers, we not only have the right function and design, we also have a product that is adapted to a circular lifestyle and a future where the electric car will be a natural part of everyday life."

ChargeNode was founded in 2018 and is the fast-growing green technology company based in Gothenburg. The company offers smart charging systems for large-scale electric car charging based on proprietary and patent-pending charging technology.

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