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Name of trademark should be using the Hydro font; Arial – with the trademark symbol ®. It should always be used together with the phrase ‘– a trademark of Hydro’ and the Hydro logo, as shown below.

  1. The following three elements should always be used for registered trademarks:
    - name of trademark
    - ‘- a trademark of Hydro’
    - Hydro logo

    The symbol ® shall be used only  in the country where the trademark is registered.
  2. Trademark name should be written in Arial Regular
  3. ‘- a trademark of Hydro’ should be written in Arial Regular Italic, and not be longer than the trademark name itself
  4. Logo height should match the total height of the trademark name and the phrase ‘- a trademark of Hydro’
  5. Position between all three elements should be fixed - as shown:
    - horizontally or
    - vertically
  6. All general rules for the use of the Hydro logo applies (ex. enough space around the logo).

What is a trademark?

  • Any sign that can be graphically reproduced
  • Words, slogans, names, logos, graphic elements, letters, numbers, sound, scent, movements
  • A trademark must not be confusingly similar to the marks of others, determined based on the similarity of the marks and the similarity of the products they are associated with
  • Must be able to distinguish commercial origin
Symbol Meaning Action needed

Trademark symbol

The trademark is either registered, established or used as a mark (business trait)

No need to register the trademark

Registered trademark symbol

The trademark is registered in a market and may only be used for such marks in that specific market

Must be registered