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Hydro Aluminium Profiler is already a supplier of aluminium extrusions to several of the SafeRoad Group’s companies and the agreement allows Hydro to develop both technically and sales volume wise with the group.

The agreement runs over five years and represents 4,000 tons of products.

Hydro was awarded the contract in strong competition from companies throughout Europe. Of decisive significance was the balance between things like common visions of long-term collaboration together with quality, price and technical service for product development and improvement.

Long-term relationship

“We are proud of receiving this commission which means developing and intensifying our cooperation,” says Ivar Hoff, sales manager of Hydro Aluminium Profiler.

“The agreement is fully in keeping with our ambition to create long-term and strategic relationships with our customers,” he adds.

“We look forward to active collaboration that has scope for the development of products and technologies as well as arriving at logistic solutions in order to create a competitive alliance”, says Bjørn Undli, purchasing director for the SafeRoad Group.

The agreement between the SafeRoad Group and Hydro was signed in Oslo on October 15.

Facts about the SafeRoad Group

  • The SafeRoad Group was formed in 2007 from the merger of the Norwegian companies Euroskilt and Ørsta Group. Today SafeRoad has some 1,500 employees in 40 companies in 11 countries. SafeRoad delivers road signs and traffic safety products, signposts, road lighting and bridge and road barriers as well as products for securing mountainsides and tunnels. SafeRoad is also a leading supplier of marine equipment.

Facts about Hydro Aluminium Profiler

  • Hydro Aluminium Profiler (HAP) is a leading supplier of extruded, machined and surface finished aluminium extrusions to markets in Norway, Sweden, Finland and the UK. HAP has 750 employees in nine units in five countries.

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