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"This is the final step in a three-stage process that started with Husnes’ B line and continued with 80 out of 200 electrolytic cells in the A line. With this investment, we are realizing the full technological potential of the electrolysis by upgrading the remaining 120 cells. We are gearing up for the future," says Johan Berg, Head of Hydro's aluminium operations in Norway.

Hydro Husnes reached a milestone in June 2021 when it resumed production in the upgraded B line, which was shut down in the aftermath of the financial crisis in 2009. Since then, Hydro has moved to upgrade the A line to the same standard. The investments at Hydro Husnes result in increased energy efficiency and lower greenhouse gas emissions, which in turn leads to aluminium with a very low CO2 footprint compared to the global average.

Lower economic activity in Europe over the past couple of years has led to production cuts at Hydro Husnes, which mainly supplies aluminium to the European construction and automotive industries. Since September 2022, 80 out of the 200 production cells in the B line have been curtailed. This has presented a window of opportunity which Hydro now uses strategically to complete the technological upgrade.

a couple of men in safety gear standing on a factory floor
Johan Berg, Head of Hydro's aluminium operations in Norway (left), with Husnes plant manager Jon Ola Ystgaard.

"Our products answer to the climate ambitions of our customers. We see signs that the market is improving and expect the demand for low-carbon aluminium and advanced foundry products to increase while Europe moves towards the green transition. The timing for this upgrade is good," says Berg.

The upgrade of the last 120 cells will take place in parallel with other major projects to improve and modernize the infrastructure at Husnes, one of Hydro’s five primary aluminium plants in Norway.

“The investments secure continued aluminium production at Husnes for decades to come. We stand ready to deliver world class, low-carbon aluminium and cutting edge casting products to some of the most demanding customers in Europe," says Jon Ola Ystgaard, Plant Manager at Hydro Husnes.

The work to upgrade the last 120 cells will start in the near future and is expected to be completed during the fall of 2025.


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