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The main difference to extruded and drawn tubes is the possibility to have a multi-layer material of different aluminum alloys. The clad layer is widely used in tubes for heat exchanger production to enable furnace or flame brazing and to give sacrificial corrosion resistance.

For industrial applications, where strength and formability are important factors, 5xxx-series alloys can be utilized having the advantage of very good dimensional stability.

Automotive applications

  • Flat oval tubes for radiators and heaters
  • Rectangular tubes for charge air coolers
  • Thick-walled oil coolers
  • Internal enhancements as dimples or turbulators to increase the heat transfer
  • Headers/manifolds for mobile A/C condensers
  • Headers/manifolds for battery coolers
  • Small-diameter tubes for connector lines

HVAC&R applications

  • Headers/manifolds for stationary condensers
  • Inner-grooved tubes with high heat transfer performance
  • Return bends with clad for mechanically expanded heat exchangers

Industrial applications

  • Ladders and scaffolding
  • Special tubes for child care, garden and forestry, orthopedical equipment, sports and adventure
  • Desalination
  • Surface treatments, e.g anodizing or painting
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Flat oval tubes for radiators Tubes with inserted turbulators Round tubes