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Hydro reinforces Aspiration and “Forever” in the largest event in the North industry

The company's stand, which promotes interaction with visitors, is one of the main highlights of the 12th Industry Fair of Pará (FIPA), held in May in Belém.

The opening of the 12th Industry Fair of Pará (FIPA), held on 6/5, at the Hangar Centro de Convencoes, in the capital of Pará, & nbsp; was attended by several authorities and directors of large companies operating in the state . One of the companies represented at FIPA is Hydro, a global aluminum company that has, in Pará, some of its main businesses: the mining of bauxite at Hydro Paragominas, the refining of alumina at Hydro Alunorte and the production of primary aluminum, at Albras, both located in Barcarena.

"This is a moment for presenting and bringing our company and our product closer to the most diverse audiences," stated Hydro's Director of Government Relations and Communication, Anderson Baranov.

Whoever visits the group's booth, knows the company's aspiration: to be Better, Bigger and Greener, in line with the strategic position adopted in Pará, the “Forever”. “Hydro wants to have a lasting relationship - Forever - with the State of Pará. We know the challenges of the market, the influence of external factors and we are working hard to deal with these situations in a responsible and safe way, as we are here to stay, to continue investing, generating jobs and development for this state, ”said Anderson.


The stand brings an innovation: virtual attendants, in addition to face-to-face. Virtual attendants are employees of the company itself that invite visitors to learn about Hydro's business through interactive screens. “It is good to know where they are located, what they do and what they plan to do. I think it is important that the industry opens its doors to society ”, evaluates the manager Ricardo Alves, who visited the stand.

Quality analyst Renato Nascimento, from Hydro Alunorte, is one of the employees who work in person at the stand and interact with visitors. “It is a totally interactive space. The screens show how our operations in Pará work, and then we guide the visitor, taking any possible questions. Many people come to the stand motivated by curiosity ”, explains Renato.

In addition to the videos, a memory game is also available to the public, also developed based on the companies' production process, and aluminum cans containing mango juice with the motto “Para Semper” are being distributed to all visitors.

The executive president of the Brazilian Aluminum Association (ABAL), Milton Rego, who was at the Hydro space, praised the group's commitment to society. “Companies have several ways of interacting with society. One of them is being present at events like this to reinforce the benefits it provides for the state's economy. When Hydro decides to be here, it wants to show people the aluminum chain. This perception of the company as an agent that brings development to the population is fundamental ”, he evaluated.

Fipa's period is from 6 to 9 May, always from 5 pm to 10 pm.

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