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There were 28 visitors, representing 17 different communities neighboring the refinery, which is located in Barcarena – PA, who had the opportunity to talk with Alunorte managers about how the company deals with the high volume of rainfall during this period of the year. The residents' particular concern was caused by some images of the refinery's drainage channels during the rains of April 4, 2019, which circulated on social networks.

During the visit, however, the managers clarified that the DRS 1 images did not show any risk to the environment or the population. “We welcomed the community here to clarify that our drainage system and the secondary barrier on our road were sufficient to contain the volume of water within the company's area, on a day of extreme rain”, explains Aldo Lenzi, senior manager of DRS .

Felipe Picanço, senior manager of the Water and Effluent Treatment Operation, also showed the surface water monitoring system and the environmental monitoring carried out around the refinery. “The company is interested in staying here and continuing in the region. Therefore, we work sustainably and in accordance with our values”, commented Picanço.

Next, the group of visitors visited the drainage channel on the south side of DRS 1, to see up close how the gutters, channels and basins work to contain the rainwater that falls on the deposit. The resident of the community of Águas Verdes, Samara Santos, says she is calmer after the visit. “I thought it was fundamental because that way we got to know what really happened, we know the truth. Now I know what to say to other people who come to talk to me about it, I can share what I saw here”, he commented. The president of the Neighborhood Association of Bairro Novo Horizonte, Wagner Rolins, highlighted that “this continuity of dialogues with the communities is super important and that every time it takes he will be willing to come and prove the facts”, he reinforced.

Check out the video shown during the visit and which explains the operation of rainwater drainage systems on 04/04:


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