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Hydro and Mineração Paragominas respond to MPF proposal on quilombola communities in the Jambuaçu Territory

In response to the Federal Public Ministry's proposal, the companies expressed their intention and commitment to building a definitive solution for quilombola communities across the Jambuaçu Territory, Pará, where the pipeline, which transports bauxite from Mineração Paragominas, and power transmission line.

estrada mineroduto.jpg
Estrada do Mineroduto, próxima da comunidade do Jambuaçu

Hydro and Mineração Paragominas filed yesterday, April 8, their response to the proposal for the Conduct Adjustment Term (TAC) of the Federal Public Ministry focusing on the Quilombola Territory of Jambuaçu, in Moju, northeast of Pará, which was sent on March 19 to Mineração Paragominas. In the response, the companies express their disagreement and propose to carry out a technical assessment of the areas of influence and impact of the activities related to the pipeline so that they can accurately establish the impacts in the Jambuaçu territory, as well as for the compensation to the communities to be defined appropriate and fair manner, as provided for in the Environmental Licensing Rite.

Since 2017, Hydro has been dialoguing and held several meetings with the parties involved in this issue, among them the Palmares Foundation, the Public Ministry, the Public Defender's Office, SEMAS - State Secretariat for the Environment and Sustainability, and associations quilombolas that make up the territory to discuss the issue with the aim of building a consensual solution to conflicts in the region.

Elena Brito

Senior Manager, Communication and Public Affairs, Bauxite & Alumina


Area of responsibility: Bauxite & Alumina

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