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Hydro aims to create a more viable society, by developing natural resources in products and solutions in an innovative and efficient way. Our performance is based on a solid global sustainability strategy, Hydro 2025, through which we deliver solutions in aluminum, energy, recycling, renewable energy and batteries, offering unique knowledge and skills to our partners and customers, while we seek to generate value to the communities where we are present, acting as good neighbors.

We are present in the entire aluminum chain and we are the only aluminum company in the world on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index - World Index (DJSI World Index) in 2020. We share with the Brazilian Aluminum Association (Abal) the view that aluminum is matter raw material of fundamental importance for a sustainable future: it is 100% recyclable and essential for the low carbon circular economy.

“We are evolving every day so that our operations are more sustainable and we encourage good practices in the aluminum sector. We have invested in research and partnerships to make our operations more sustainable with the use of the most modern technologies in the world. The recently launched Abal manifesto, which brings important ESG principles to responsible action, is in line with our corporate strategy and values ”, says Domingos Campos, Hydro's Sustainability director.

Hydro carries out a series of initiatives in favor of sustainable development, ranging from participation in the Brazil-Norway Biodiversity Research Consortium (BRC), in Paragominas, started in 2013; passing through investments in the management of its effluents in Alunorte and other partnerships signed with renowned research institutions in the country for the development of new uses for bauxite waste in civil construction.

We are committed to creating business and partnerships for a more sustainable future, developing industries that are important to people and society. For this reason, we invite you to also visit the “Brazilian Aluminum Manifesto for a Sustainable Future”.


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