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Hydro Sustainability Fund continues to evaluate projects for Barcarena

Disclosure of the proposals to be financed has been postponed so that the verification of all the requirements set out in the public notice is completed. New date will be released soon.

The Project Evaluation Committee of the first call for proposals for the Hydro Sustainability Fund met on March 9 for the evaluation and classification of pre-selected projects, considering the technical criteria established and disclosed to all applicants. 

At the meeting, the projects were ranked according to the score received, considering adherence to the public notice. The final verification of the initiatives is still in progress, which led to the postponement of the disclosure of the result, originally scheduled for March 14, in order to process all the information necessary for the conclusion of the process. The new disclosure date will be released soon by the Fund.

The registered projects are divided between the three lines of financing:

A - Promotion of Work, Employment and Income / Environment;

B - Institutional strengthening of associations and social organizations;

C - Sport, culture and leisure.

To learn more about the first call for proposals for the Hydro Sustainability Fund click here


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