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Minera Startup, Hydro's relationship program with Startups in Pará , had 25 startups registered, more than triple the number of registrations compared to the first edition. Of these, 18 organizations were selected and classified according to all the necessary prerequisites of the program. The next phase of the program, when up to 10 startups will be selected to present their proposals and ideas to the Hydro team, will take place from February 8th to 10th.

“We are very happy with this increase in the number of registrations. This shows that we are on the right path, since one of the objectives of Minera Startup is to foster the ecosystem of startups in Pará, helping to develop the region's economy and entrepreneurship. We are looking forward to the next steps, as we believe that these startups can contribute a lot to Hydro's growth, just as the company can help them grow ”, says Leôncio Rodrigues, Hydro's Digital Solutions manager.

The diversity of areas in which startups operate is a fact that draws attention. They are: Education, Health, Retail, Mining, Digital Transformation, Marketing, Law, Mobility, Construction, Agriculture, Human Resources, Supplies and Industry. According to the analysis carried out by Açaí Valley, the average start-up time for startups is 1-2 years. Of the total enrolled, 28% are in the ideation stage, that is, they are in their initial phase. 32% are already in the validation phase, an intermediate stage, while 40% are already in the traction phase, which means that they are more mature startups, who are at the last moment before becoming consolidated companies. Still according to the analysis, most registered startups have teams of up to three people (44%), while 40% have between 4 and 10 people and 16% with more than 10 people.

See the list of classifieds:

Alva Edtech



Directto Market Place

DoGo Maker - School of Technology & Innovation



Lend 1 Cup

GERO Works

Inteceleri Tecnologia

Ludus Studio

Mach Lab


Navtech Solutions

Neo Road

Pimpos Health



About Minera Startup

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Selection process - the initial stage of Minera Startup is a selection process, in which a series of requirements are evaluated, such as having a team of at least two members aged 18 or over and having solutions preferably aimed at Augmented Reality, Digital Office , Internet of Things (IoT) applied in the industrial environment, among others.

Structured program focused on business solutions - Minera Startup is a collaboration between Hydro, Açaí Valley and startups. The program has seven stages of integration, and at the end, startups that present solutions that meet the defined scope can sign a contract with Hydro. The steps are:

  • Conducting the "pitch", where startups present their proposals for solutions and business models for various Hydro areas and professionals;
  • Disclosure of selected startups to advance the discussion of possible proofs of concepts with Hydro's areas that have shown interest;
  • Presentation, for the selected startups, of the existing challenges in each interested area, and discussion of a possible scope for carrying out the proof of concept;
  • Definition of the scope of the proof of concept between startup and Hydro's internal area;
  • Delivery of the technical and commercial proposal for the proof of concept;
  • Evaluation of Hydro's supplier prerequisites and hiring process for the startup to perform the proof of concept;
  • Execution of proof of concept at Hydro as defined scope.

About Hydro - The energy and aluminum company

Hydro is an industrial leader that creates business and partnerships for a more sustainable future. We develop industries that are important to people and society.

Since 1905, Hydro has transformed natural resources into valuable products for people and businesses, creating a safe and secure workplace for our 34,000 employees in more than 140 units in 40 countries.

Today, we own and operate several businesses, in addition to having investments based on sustainable industries. Hydro, through its businesses, is present in a wide range of segments in the aluminum, energy, metal recycling, renewable energy and batteries market, offering unique knowledge and skills.

Hydro is committed to leading the sector towards a more sustainable future, creating more viable societies by developing natural resources in products and solutions in innovative and efficient ways.

About Açaí Valley

Açaí Valley is the Pará Association of Technology and Innovation of Pará, active since 2019. The association seeks to foster entrepreneurship, technology and innovation in the State, with the aim of strengthening and developing the ecosystem and all the stakeholders that are part of it as well as startups , investors, accelerators, incubators, researchers, educational institutions, government and etc. Among the actions of Açaí Valley, there are monthly events, lives, meetups, happy hours, pitch days and hackathons and the Startup Weekend event in Belém, which gave rise to the community. Pará is responsible for 24% of startups in the Northern region of Brazil, behind only the State of Amazonas (29%), according to the Brazilian Association of Startups (Abstartups). The capital, Belém, has more than 40 startups mapped, as well as two incubators and three accelerators. The most common segments of startups in the region are communication and media (8.3%), health and well-being (6.2%) and internet (6.2%). Most of the businesses are in operation.


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