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Hydro Extrusion donated two modern and high-performance products from the Hydro system to renovate the “Casa de Metal”, a new cultural center of the Brazilian Association of Metallurgy, Materials and Mining (ABM), in Campo Belo, São Paulo, SP. The modernization of the space includes the “Esplendoor” lines, on the main access doors and emergency exit doors, and the “Elegance Mirror” line, on all the facades of the space. These two lines are complete solutions for any architectural requirement and, in addition to the aesthetic benefits, provide more security and better acoustics for the project.

“For this renovation, we developed an exclusive project, made to measure so that the original characteristics of the building were preserved. All the frames were produced by the Hydro C-Tech Technological Center, located at the unit in Utinga, SP”, says Paulo Gentile, Product Development coordinator at Hydro Extrusion.

With free access and open to the population, the space opened on May 3, occupies an area of ​​over 700 square meters in the ABM building. At Casa de Metal, there will be spaces for art exhibitions and workshops, as well as a library, theater and cinema. There will also be a permanent exhibition of items, documents and an artistic and historical bibliographic collection, thus composing a scenario to safeguard the memory of the mining, metallurgy and materials industry in Brazil, serving as a source of studies and research.

What we do at Hydro Extrusion

Hydro Extrusion is a world leader in aluminium extrusion, with around 100 production facilities in 40 countries and employing 21,000 people. Through a unique combination of local expertise, a global network and unrivaled R&D capabilities, we can offer everything from standardized profiles to advanced development and manufacturing for most industries.

Since 1905, Hydro has been transforming natural resources into valuable products for people and businesses, focusing on a safe and secure workplace for our 31,000 employees across more than 140 locations.

Hydro is committed to leading the industry towards a more sustainable future. The company aims to create more viable societies by developing natural resources into products and solutions in innovative and efficient ways as an industry that makes a difference.

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