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Hydro opens vacancies for engineers

Up to 10/03 people who identify with the female gender and seek experience in the area can apply

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Now is the time for women in Hydro engineering! In search of more diversity in its workforce, the company seeks to encourage the development of people who identify with the female gender and are engineers, providing specific vacancies for women who do not yet have experience in the area. To participate, it is requested to have a degree in one of the Engineering areas: Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Automation, Chemistry or Production. It is not necessary to have professional experience to participate in the selection process and knowledge of English is not mandatory, but it is a differential. Applications are open until October 3 through the website and the contractors will work in the municipality of Barcarena.

The inclusion of women in qualified positions in the labor market contributes economically to society. A survey by McKinsey Global consultancy pointed out that the world GDP could grow by 13 trillion dollars by 2030, beyond the projected, if efforts to get them into the productive sector are accelerated.

Considering that women make up 52% ​​of the Brazilian population, Hydro wants to form teams that increasingly reflect society. To put inclusion actions into practice, the company has been developing initiatives based on the pillars of courage, care and collaboration. In February, the company carried out the selection process for the “Viva o Seu Talento” trainee program, which was focused on the candidacy of women.

“Hydro believes that a more diverse team is critical to solving complex challenges and creating the innovations needed to support the organization's ambition to be a profitable and sustainable industrial leader. These hires are part of a series of actions that we have developed to promote diversity, in line with the guidelines of our Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging program”, says Nelia Lapa, Human Resources director at Hydro.

About the Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging (DIP) program

Hydro's Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging program is yet another company commitment to promoting positive change in society. With the belief that a company needs to promote actions of inclusion, globally, Hydro aims to increase the representation of female employees to 25% by 2025. In Hydro's selection processes, all opportunities are open to people with disabilities and rehabilitated by the INSS . The program also seeks to transform the company's culture by integrating people with disabilities (PCD), of different races, ethnicities and LGBTQIA+.

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