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Norsk Hydro Brasil presented 13 technical papers at the International Committee for the Study of Bauxite, Alumina and Aluminium (ICSOBA) 2022 annual conference. ICSOBA 2022, one of the largest global bauxite and alumina events, had a hybrid format with online and in-person presentations in Athens, Greece. The technical works carried out at the Hydro Alunorte refinery and at the Hydro Paragominas mine bring innovation projects that contribute to the advancement of the sector. This year, Hydro won the award for the best paper on bauxite with the project “Study of Influences on the Productivity of Bauxite Slurry Hyperbaric Filtration through Box Behnken Design”. The work evaluated the productivity of hyperbaric filtration of bauxite paste using the Box Behnken Design technique.

“Hydro's record number of technical studies that were presented at ICSOBA 2022, and the win for the best work in the bauxite category, reinforce our commitment to bringing innovation and sustainability to the bauxite, alumina and aluminium industry. It is a demonstration of Hydro's technological leadership, through projects that will have a positive impact on the entire aluminium production chain and on the communities where we have operations”, says Raphael Costa, Hydro's Director of Bauxite & Alumina Technology.

About the projects presented

Research was presented on the use of bauxite residue in the production of synthetic aggregates (in partnership with UFPA), cementitious components (in partnership with USP) and iron recovery (in partnership with ISI-TM). Representatives of these institutions allied to Hydro were present at the event, presenting their work. All these projects are part of Hydro's Research & Development program for the use of bauxite waste.

Hydro Alunorte presented the project to develop forms of water management with a cyclic and integrated management process. With the use of a modeling tool, it will be possible to identify, quantify and develop strategies for the best use of water resources. The work evaluates ways to reduce consumption and the possibility of using alternative sources of water. At Hydro Paragominas, a Water Resources Management Plan for Mining Industries was also developed. The document contains the main information on the management of water resources in a form accessible to any employee or government agency.

Focusing on the modernization of the aluminium production chain, Hydro Paragominas is developing digitalization in the monitoring of dams. Digitization aims to bring more information about the geological situation of the mine to the geology team, consultants and government agencies, in addition to being an important complement to the work of the teams in the field. Another work by Hydro Paragominas presented at ICSOBA demonstrated the ecological benefits of reforesting bauxite mined areas after selecting and planting pioneer plant species.

ICSOBA is an internationally recognized, non-profit association that brings together industry professionals from leading bauxite, alumina and aluminium producing companies, technology providers, researchers and consultants from around the world. The association promotes the exchange of ideas and results of the work of different areas of research related to the exploration and mining of bauxite and the production of alumina and aluminium.

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