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This Privacy Notice applies to the following companies:

  • Alunorte - Alumina do Norte do Brasil S.A.
  • Albras - Alumínio Brasileiro S.A.
  • Mineração Paragominas S.A.
  • NHB - Norsk Hydro Brasil Ltda.
  • Itu – Hydro Extrusion Brasil S.A.
  • Utinga – Hydro Extrusion Brasil S.A.
  • Tubarão – Hydro Extrusion Brasil S.A.

For the purposes of this Privacy Notice, these entities will be collectively referred to as the'hydro group companies/entities in Brazil','Hydro Group in Brazil', 'Group' or 'companies/entities'.  

This notice is directed to anyone who visits or works in one of the Hydro Group entities in Brazil and has their personal data collected  by our CCTV system.

Hydro Group companies in Brazil use a closed-circuit TV system – CCTV – to monitor their facilities and equipment.

The purpose of this Privacy Notice is to explain how we use CCTV monitoring and how we process the personal data that is collected by the system.

Each hydro group company in Brazil is responsible for its own CCTV system.

You can find the contact information of each entity here: Brazil (

The personal data collected are: images in digitally stored video format.

Data is collected when you enter an area that has a CCTV camera. The areas are signposted with signs that warn about the existence  and  operation  of the system.

The location and positioning of the cameras are not intended to monitor public spaces and individuals or automatically recognize people, including cameras installed at entry/exit points and within the perimeterof the external areas of the and outbuildings.

The system works 24 hours a day. The images are monitored in real time and stored on servers of the company  responsible  for CCTV.

It is very important that you know that the CCTV system is not used to monitor people.

The purposes of monitoring are:

I.  Assist in controlling access of people to areas under the responsibility of each company:

i.  Provide security to all individuals who are authorized to enter and remain on the premises of each entity;

ii. Prevent individuals from going in without authorization. Some companies operate non-stop and have huge areas in isolated locations.

II. Protect the facilities, properties and assets of each and company.

III. Monitor the proper functioning of industrial processes and equipment.

i.  Many of the industrial processes carried out by some andtheGroup require constant supervision. A failure in a process or equipment can be extremely dangerous to people who are close to them, for the continuity of operations in the area and, in some cases, for the environment.

IV.  Assist in the prevention, detection and analysis of incidents, accidents or possible crimes.

i.  To instruct civil or criminal proceedings according to the guidance of the legal body of each company.

The legal basis used by Hydro Group companies is the legitimate interest in keeping people,  environment, facilities and assets safe.

Maintaining the security and control of what occurs within the areas is necessary for the proper functioning of the operations of all entities of the Group.

Some cameras in Alunorte were installed according to public authorities, and it is a legal obligation to monitor through them.

Real-time monitoring is done by the security teamof each and mpresa in indevasable rooms locked and with access control. There is also access control to the software that manages the system.

Access to the stored images can also only be done by the security team.

As a rule, no. However, they can be shared with lawyers and public authorities in  case  of  incidents,  accidents or crimes.

Alunorte has some cameras in specific areas whose images are shared with SEMAS  – Municipal Secretary of Environment and Sustainability of the Government of Pará.

The data is stored by each company responsible for the following period:

  • Alunorte: 30 days
  • Albras: 30 days
  • Paragominas: 90 days for data captured by cameras installed due to agreement with public authorities and 26 days for data captured by other cameras.
  • NHB: 30 days
  • Itu, Utinga e Tubarão: 30 days

If the data are being used in the analysis of incidents, accidents or possible crimes, the storage period will be extended until the end of the analysis in accordance with what is suggested by the legal body.

If your personal data has been collected by our CCTV system, Article 18 of the General Data Protection Act (13.709/2018) guarantees you a number of rights.

You can request at any time and upon a simple request:

  • Confirmation of the existence ofthe processing of your personal data;
  • Access to personal data processed;
  • The correction of incomplete, inaccurate or outdated data;
  • Anonymization, blocking or deletion of unnecessary, excessive or law-in-compliance data;
  • Information of the public and private entities with which the controller made shared use of data.

You can send your request to the following email: DPO.

You can also send the request directly to the company code responsible for the system:

It is important that you include the following information in your request:

  • Your full name and some contact data;
  • May you tell us what right you are exercising;
  • Approximate date and time of when you believe your data has been collected;
  • Which Hydro Group company is responsible for your data;
  • If you remember, the departments and areas you have visited.

We may also request some form of identification for the purpose of verifying and verifying your identity. It is important that your data is sent to you, the true data subject.

If you work in any hydro brasil group company, you can also place your order with your local HR representative or directly to your manager.