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Hydro is investing in a greener and more sustainable future

The re-melter plant in Sjunnen, Vetlanda has invested in a new flue gas filter for the purification of flue gases. Thus, the Sjunnen plant meets the EU requirements for the release of dust from the re-melting process of aluminum. The investment of 14 million SEK not only gives cleaner emissions, it also creates conditions for recycling both painted scrap and post-consumer scrap.

The melting furnace in Sjunnen

The plant with its 30 employees has a reputation for producing high-quality aluminum ingots that are sent to Hydro's various facilities in the Nordic countries to become new aluminum profiles.

- It is right in time to be able to take care of lacquered profiles that we deliver to our customers and remelt them to manufacture new products, says Christoffer Johansson, Factory Manager in Sjunnen.

Flue gas purification in Sjunnen

During the holiday period, equipment for adding oxygen has also been installed. Oxygen is used to efficiently combust furnace hydrocarbons, formed when re-melting contaminated or painted scrap.

Hydro has clear visions for the future reduction of CO2 emissions as well as increasing the recycling of aluminum. The investment in the Sjunnen plant is part of this global sustainability agenda. By receiving more third-party scrap from the market, global CO2 emissions are reduced.

- In addition to the purely environmental benefits, our customers will be offered a more sustainably produced product, Christoffer explains.

The technology that has been installed is proven, explains Daniel Petersson, Hydro's project manager for the installation.

- We have a continuous measurement of dust emissions that we report to the authorities. But the authorities will also make their sample measurements, especially now in the beginning.

Christoffer Johansson concludes by saying that he sees the investment as an important part of Hydro's continued development of the operations in Vetlanda and Finspång.



Ulrika Kroon

Marketing Manager, Hydro Extrusions

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