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Painting and anodizing

When we talk about aluminum surface treatment, we are talking primarily about painting and anodizing. Anodizing seals and protects extruded aluminum. Painting gives you an unlimited selection of color, with varied sheen and excellent color consistency.

Surface treatment can also include embossing, grinding, polishing, tumbling, wrapping and printing.

Why anodizing helps

Anodizing your aluminum extrusions creates a dirt-repellent surface and improves corrosion resistance. It provides a surface with electrically insulated coating and preserves the finish of the metal. And it creates a surface that is pleasant to touch.

Mechanical finishing

We prioritize surface treatment, including mechanical finishing, in our research and development. This includes:

  • Anodizing and painting techniques and processes
  • Anodizing trials with control of current, voltage, temperature and bath composition
  • Compatibility with alloy compositions
  • Corrosion tests for painted profiles
  • Development of process parameters
  • Measurements of current wave form, voltage and temperatures
  • Quality tests and characterization of anodic coatings
  • Surface and chemical analyses
  • Surface topography
  • Wear tests
Contact us so we can begin discussing your surface treatment needs
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