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Following the rainfall, Alunorte collaborated with local institutions to provide emergency response to the neighboring communities of Burajuba, Bom Futuro and Vila Novain Barcarena. About 2,000 families in these communities close to Alunorte have received medical assistance and clean water provided via or directly from Hydro.


By November 2018, we have distributed more than 15 million liters of water for household use and drinking. We have also committed to supporting the local communities in finding a long-term solution for proper access to clean water and are in a dialog with local water supplier Águas de São Francisco to agree how to best do this.

Health care

We have provided the funding for three doctors for the city’s Basic Health Unit in Jardim Cabano in Barcarena, from March 2018. By November 2018, they had carried out 6100 medical consultations.

Medical consultation

Red Cross

We commissioned the Red Cross in Barcarena to provide medical services to the local communities of Bom Futuro, Burajuba, Vila Nova and Murucupi following the February rainfall. More than 1,000 people have received support via this door-to-door service. The Red Cross also sampled water and soil to cross-check with the health concerns of local residents, the results of which have been communicated to the local communities through individual consultations.

Community dialogue

Since the rainfall in February 2018, we have held hundreds of dialog meetings with local communities, civil society, academia and other stakeholders where we have sought to explain the situation, listen to their needs and strengthen the channel for complaints. Learn more about how we work to strengthening our commitments to the communities.

Volunteer actions

From February to October 2018, 700 Hydro employees have volunteered to help the local communities, including refurbishing community centers and football fields. See a video about the refurbishing of football fields of Murucupi's community:

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