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The name “Hydro” or parts of the name (e.g. HY or DRO) should never be used as part of a new company name and logo in an abbreviated way (e.g. Hyflex).

In addition, the Hydro name should never be combined with another company name, creating a new name and context in which the Hydro name is used (e.g. Hydrovolt would today be non-compliant).

Naming of fully or majority-owned Hydro companies

These companies can use the Hydro brand in its name and as part of its logo for individual branding purposes. When using the Hydro name, the company logo must be according to Hydro’s visual guidelines.

  • As part of the name, Hydro comes first (e.g. Hydro Rein, Hydro Havrand)
  • As part of the logo, Hydro is positioned after the company name in a fixed format

Naming of  JVs and companies where Hydro is not a majority owner 

The Hydro name cannot be used in, or as part of, the company name in joint ventures and companies where Hydro is not a majority owner.

When it is beneficial to communicate that the company is owned by Hydro and the partner, the following phrases can be used:

  • NewCo, a Hydro and PartnerName company
  • NewJV, a joint venture between Hydro and PartnerName

This can be used in relevant applications as normal text, but not as part of a logo.

Naming of  acquired companies

Continued use of the existing name and brand of an acquired company where Hydro has full ownership, shall be accompanied by the following phrase:

  • AcquiredCo, a Hydro company

The phrase can be placed under the logo and in other relevant applications. This also applies if a new name, other than Hydro and outside the Hydro master brand governance is used.

Hydro’s naming convention

Selecting company names for subsidiaries and joint ventures must adhere to Hydro’s naming convention:


The name must fulfill certain requirements and have certain built-in qualities, in order to obtain intellectual property protection through company name/trademark registration. Trademark protection is further needed to create freedom-to-operate, to safeguard our brand equity, to keep competitors at a distance and to reduce infringement risk.


The name should be unique in its industry and marketplace to function well as a distinguishing trademark and to obtain stronger recognition and increased brand value. 


The name should give association to qualities and characteristics that the mother company holds and that the owned company identifies with. The name should not have any negative connotations, in any marketplace language.


The name should belong to a universe of names that functions well under the mother brand, that signals belonging to the mother brand and (at the same time) simplifies the naming process for new companies.  

Naming guidelines

Please follow Hydro's four guidelines in selecting a company name and brand for a fully or majority-owned Hydro company: 

  • It should support the Hydro brand, heritage and narrative
  • It should be easy to say in most languages
  • It should be in the Norwegian language to strengthen overall brand identity, consistency to the mother brand, and make registration and protection globally easier
  • It should consist of elements from nature, natural phenomenon, or objects from nature that strengthen the image and our bond to nature