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Aluminum can be infinitely recycled, retaining all its qualities no matter how many times it’s recycled. To do so requires 95% less energy than the production of primary aluminum.

Aluminum’s properties make it ideal for recycling, helping to avoid waste, reduce carbon emissions, and create a more circular economy. The recycling of post-consumer aluminium scrap with decarbonized operations is one of the main pathways to zero-carbon aluminum production by 2030.

We are already leading the way with products emitting one fourth of the industry average. By 2030, we will cut our carbon emissions by 30 percent and deliver near-emission-free products on an industrial scale.

Hydro offers a range of different recycled aluminum products, all from ASI certified plants and backed by Environmental Product Declarations (EPD), which is compliant with the ISO 14025 standard. Learn more about our different recycled aluminum offerings below or contact us to discuss with your local sales team.

Our offerings

Recycled aluminum with at least 75% post-consumer scrap

Using post-consumer scrap, which is aluminum that has lived a life in a product, drastically reduces the carbon footprint, while still offering high-quality metal that contributes to the circular economy.

Hydro CIRCAL is our brand of premium, low-carbon and recycled aluminum containing at least 75% post-consumer scrap. Through the use of such a high share of post-consumer scrap, Hydro CIRCAL has a market-leading average carbon footprint of 2 kilo CO2-equivalents (CO2e) per kilo aluminum. The production process is fully traceable from scrap to the recycled metal per batch, and the product is verified by DNV, an independent third party.

Aluminum with high share of recycled content

Hydro is constantly working to decrease the amount of production scrap generated in the manufacturing process, also referred to as pre-consumer scrap. But even the most advanced aluminum manufacturing generates some scrap, and this scrap should be utilized to avoid waste. This is why our Hydro Recycled Aluminum offerings also include certified recycled aluminum made from a mix of pre- and post-consumer scrap and primary aluminum. 

This scrap is recycled locally so it can enter back into production and become recycled aluminum with the same physical qualities as other types of aluminum. By collecting and recycling scrap close to the source, our customers contribute to the local economy while getting the best service and response time. This recycled aluminum is also followed by an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), stating the average shares of pre-consumer scrap, post-consumer scrap and the carbon footprint from each production location.

With us, you can make the entire value chain of your products more sustainable.

Not all recycled aluminum is the same

Did you know that not all recycled aluminum comes with a low carbon footprint? It matters where and how aluminum is produced. All aluminum can be recycled. However, when recycled aluminum is made from used windows or car parts, the material starts another life as post-consumer scrap, and its carbon footprint is close to zero since the emissions have already been accounted for in its first life.

Recycled aluminum made from production scrap, or pre-consumer scrap, is different. It has not yet completed its first life and therefore retains the carbon footprint of its original production process. By following these principles, we make sure that the aluminum’ production emissions are accounted for. It is thus vital to increase the use of post-consumer scrap in order to accelerate emission cuts.

Learn more about the difference between pre- and post-consumer scap.

Contact us to learn more about our recycled aluminum offerings
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