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The Hydro Profile Academy is a unique and permanent forum for exchanging knowledge and experience. Hydro experts, along with other scientifically qualified external lecturers, offer courses on the applications of aluminium profiles. The Profile Academy is globally organized and is accessible to all our customers.

Examples of course contents

  • Material techniques and corrosion
  • Designs for recycling and the environment
  • Profile techniques and design for optimal production
  • Dimensional characteristics and calculating strength
  • Surface treatment
  • Distortion
  • Chipping processes
  • Mechanical connections
  • Welding connections
  • Practical situations: Examples and analysis of profile solutions with attention to the total expenses.

This is what participants have said about their experience

"The Profile Academy covers a broad area. This provided me with an excellent basis for further development in subjects that are necessary in the automobile industry. I see now that the material and the construction methods offer excellent opportunities."

"My visit to the Profile Academy provided me with an interesting view on the options in constructing aluminium profiles. The course covered the technique and also provided me with a number of ideas for applications. I learned so much."

"I found the Profile Academy to be an Inspiring course. Effective, concentrated and detailed, with an excellent balance between theory and practice."

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