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We are the world’s leading soft alloy aluminum extruder, offering a comprehensive suite of design, engineering, prototype, fabrication, finishing, and assembly services for clients in all consumer, commercial and industrial markets.

A Wells Fargo Securities Economics Group concludes that Nevada’s economy has improved, benefitting from a revival of the leisure and hospitality sector, construction in Las Vegas of the world’s largest Ferris wheel, the potential for construction in Reno of the $5 billion Tesla Giga factory, the world’s largest lithium-ion battery factory, and overall increased residential and commercial construction.

Hydro Extrusion plants have been delivering premium quality aluminum solutions and meeting the needs of Nevada customers for nearly 40 years and will continue to supply the custom extrusions and structural components for new construction projects in the state.

Hydro Facilities in and around Nevada

Hydro City of Industry, California
We have the capacity to supply all shapes, alloys and tempers, ranging in size up to 21" with the large capacity extrusion presses, including 2,350 ton (8”), 2,650 ton (10”) and 3,000 ton (11”), at Hydro City of Industry. 

Hydro Phoenix, Arizona 
This is a fully-integrated aluminum extrusion and fabrication facility with leading-edge equipment and a highly experienced workforce specializing in 6000 series drawn tubing (3/8" ID to 2-1/2" OD), machining, contract manufacturing, and metal sourcing. The facility is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified, and the on-site casthouse assures a reliable source of metal with easier access to custom alloys.

Hydro Spanish Fork, Utah
This facility is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and offers cutting and sawing fabrication capabilities. Extrusion presses include 3,000 ton (9”) and 4,250 ton (14”). This plant is also a Rod & Bar Depot location, and the on-site casthouse provides easy access to tailored alloys.

Extrusion Manufacturing Excellence

When your business is looking for custom extrusions, consider a manufacturer with the following capabilities:

  • Minimal lead times
    We offer the industry’s broadest product capabilities in presses (direct and indirect extrusion) alloy selection, circle sizes, multi-void hollows, thin wall sections, miniature extrusions and precise fabrication operations
  • Precision engineering
    Hydro offers enormous competencies for design and application assistance, meeting every production requirement by accessing the extensive resources of our entire network.
  • Tight quality control
    To ensure product uniformity, all dies are tested before the beginning of the extrusion process. The shape and dimension of the extruded profiles are regularly checked during the extrusion process
  • Tight alloy chemistry control
    Hydro Extrusion's in-house casting provides tight control of alloy chemistry within Aluminum Association standards, delivering more alloys with repeatable properties and superior machinability
  • Complete in-house production
    We fabricate extrusions from machining, punching and cutting to anodizing and processing, delivering finished parts right to the job location
  • Eco-friendly
    Hydro is dedicated to being environmentally responsible. Our advances in reducing water consumption and removal and recycling of process by-products have created an environmentally sound process, void of hazardous waste. With our large manufacturing footprint we can ship directly to the customer from the nearest plant, cutting down on freight costs.

For custom aluminum extrusions in Nevada, including Reno, Las Vegas, Henderson, Sparks and Paradise, consider Hydro Extrusion for a full range of profiles to meet every architectural requirement.