What to expect

Curious what to expect as a summer intern in Hydro? Through our eight-week development program you get an impression of how your daily work can be after you graduate. Meet some of the people who’ve completed their internship and why they chose Hydro.

  • Our internships take place in one of our departments or plants in Norway, or in our headquarters in Oslo.

  • Your intern program will be kicked off with a two-day introduction program, focusing on history, vision and future aspirations of Hydro.

  • We guarantee all our interns an educational and rewarding experience

  • Get hands on experience and real challenges, with support from experienced colleagues.

  • As an intern, you will get a case assignment where you get to collaborate with interns in other locations and business areas.

  • All interns get to visit one of our Norwegian plants as part of the common program.

  • Expect hands-on experience in your field of study.

  • As an intern you will also take part in a common program for all of Hydro’s interns.

  • Your unit will ensure that you get a good individual development and every intern will get their own, dedicated buddy to support them.

  • The internship period is concluded with a nice closing event.

Vilde Haslund

MSc Chemistry/Materials Science, NTNU
Intern in Primary Metal Technology, Porsgrunn 

Vilde Haslund

"I was put to work at PMT and given real tasks to do from my very first day as a summer intern at Hydro in Porsgrunn. I have been part of the research group working on material properties and design, which is trying to develop a new material for use in electrolysis cells. I have been made responsible for one step in this major project, which is to be completed this summer. It has involved planning and carrying out experiments, measurements and analysis of data, plus some reporting. For this job you need to be part chemist, part mechanic – and a good multi-tasker, all at the same time. Fortunately I have received a lot of good help from the others in the department, and no-one has ever looked in the least bit annoyed when I have come knocking on their door to ask about something. All in all I am loving working, and I am learning something new every day!" 


Viktor von der Fehr

BSc Econ. & Bus. Adm. CBS
Intern in Corporate M&A an in Investor Relations, Vækerø

Viktor von der Fehr

"So far my internship has been incredibly exciting, and I am often amazed by how involved I am and how much exposure I have been given to large transactions and major financial players. The work in M&A is largely project-based, and the day-to-day tasks depend on the intensity of ongoing or potential transactions. My internship has been structured as a combination of learning through observation and performance of actual tasks. For example, I have sat in on negotiations and meetings with financial advisers, banks and investors. But there is also a clear focus on tasks that have to be delivered, such as writing reports to the management, performing valuations and compiling support materials for Due Diligence. In IR I have been involved in a major project, which has entailed analysing Hydro's peers and comparable companies in a number of areas, including best practice in investor relations.


Malin Kildal

MSc Cybernetics, NTNU
Intern at Sunndal plant

Malin Kildal

"One of the best aspects of the internship is getting to see how systems and theory work in practice. I have been given a guided tour of the factory and have worked on a variety of different assignments. I am fascinated by just how large and complex the plant is, and I am both mightily impressed and a little intimidated by how well the people working here do their job and how much they know. Their working day seems very exciting and varied, and because the plant is so huge, new challenges seem to arise every day, meaning the work is constantly evolving. For me, this is the best thing about working at Hydro. In addition, the scenery in the area is absolutely stunning, and I love looking out over the large aluminium plant in the centre of Sunndal."


Eirik Halvorsen

MSc Industrial Economics and Technology Management, NTNU
Intern in Power Operations, Fortun

Eirik Halvorsen
"After only a few weeks as a summer intern here in Fortun, I have already seen and done so much, including project work with other interns in Oslo, inspection of a new power plant, and a guided tour of the operation control centre of the plant at Rjukan, to name but a few. I am living for free in a cabin in the middle of the stunning Turtagrø highlands, and last week I went on a helicopter ride and ate waffles with the plant manager at a mountaintop hostel! It sounds like I am on the holiday of a lifetime, but in fact this is all part of my summer job! I do get a breather now and then, with some typical office work. At the moment I am writing a report on the changes that need to be made to an anti-pipe rupture valve to improve safety at one of the power plants here – which is one phase of the project that I have been made project manager for. It was difficult at first (I scarcely knew what a valve was before I started), but I am enjoying having the responsibility entrusted in me and am learning an enormous amount!"
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Updated: September 7, 2016