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Enthusiastic about technology with da Vinci

Mona Lisa, aluminum and Fischer technology? Manfred Geißen, training manager at Hydro's Grevenbroich mill, linked this to a workshop for elementary school students. The goal: to sow interest in the engineering profession.

Hydro has been cooperating with the St.Josef primary school in the south of Grevenbroich for a year. The aim is to arouse children's interest in technology. Fourth graders have already experimented several times with so-called "TuWas! Suitcases" from the educational initiative of the same name.

In the training workshop, the first project days with students in the fourth grade took place - the last one in March before the Easter holidays. Training manager Geißen presented Leonardo da Vinci, who not only achieved world fame as a painter of the "Mona Lisa", but also as a pioneering engineer.

With construction sets from Fischertechnik, the children built da Vinci's technical constructions: & nbsp; from the filing machine to the printing press. Afterwards, the children were able to marvel at the technology, which is still used today, on original equipment and tools in the hydro training workshop

The Josef teachers had prepared the topic comprehensively in art and subject classes. Most of the students were very enthusiastic. Her enthusiasm is exemplified by a final report by the participant Carmen:

Carmen: "It was great!"

I am in a 4th grade of the elementary school St. Josef. The school's teachers have agreed with Hydro that 16 children (8 girls and 8 boys) can make a hydro visit from the fourth grade. I thought that was great because there are some children who are interested in technology ...

"We met a man named Mr. Geißen who led us into a room where we mainly deal with Leonardo da Vinci. Mr. Geißen explained that Leonardo da Vinci was not only interested in painting, but also in research, technology & nbsp ; and interested in architecture. He was also an engineer. His best-known picture is the "Mona Lisa". It hangs in a museum in France. Leonardo da Vinci also painted blueprints.

"When Mr. Geißen had finished, we got a box with fishing equipment. Now Mr. Geißen showed us what we should build with it. After a while we took a break. It was also quite exhausting. When we were all when we were finished, we took a picture with the built tools.

"Then we went to the workshop. There Mr. Geißen showed us the tools and machines that we had built before. Afterwards we went to the place where the workers filed something. At the end we got a book in which everything is about Leonardo da Vinci. Now we drove back to school. We had a lot to tell! The only thing I can say is: "It was great!"

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