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Hamburg: Less CO2

Hydro's rolling mill in Hamburg, together with 14 other large Hamburg companies, has committed itself to reducing energy consumption through additional investments in production technology and saving at least another 150,000 tons of CO2 annually from the end of 2018.

This will continue and expand a voluntary commitment of half a million tonnes of savings per year that started in 2007.

"This is how we are reaffirming our longstanding commitment to the Hamburg environmental partnership," says Plant Manager Herbert Rösgen. “Our products, particularly in heat exchangers, enable solutions that use energy particularly efficiently. We are continuing this environmental work in the company. ”

The latest measures are the modernization of the forklift fleet, which reduces diesel consumption by 8 percent, and improved roof insulation. It saves around 166,000 m³ of gas a year. This lowers heating costs by around 30,000 euros and reduces emissions by 400,000 kg CO 2 .

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