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Hydro women explain technology to school children

"Do women also work at Hydro?" Asked the students in astonishment at our cooperation elementary school St.Josef in the southern part of town in Grevenbroich. They do - and two of them presented their work.

Julia Lauda, industrial mechanic from the foundry in the Rheinwerk, and Lena Wego, electronics technician for industrial engineering from the Grevenbroich plant, explained to the children their career path and job descriptions. Many questions came up: Why did I choose this job? What is my everyday work like? What is it like as a woman among men? ...

This interested the children as much as the work clothes that they were allowed to try on. It was very exciting, but then the girls found it reassuring to see that the two women looked "beautiful" again "in civilian clothes". The pupils' career aspirations are still tending towards the interior designer and veterinarian - or as a girl let us know: "In my later job I hold a coffee cup in my hand, have my hair up and wear a nice dress!"

Rather, we can't serve that at Hydro. After the morning in elementary school and the enthusiastic reception by the children, there is hope to have opened at least one door in the children's minds: that women also work at Hydro, and even in production!

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