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Record donation for children with cancer

After its traditional Christmas collection, the works council of the aluminum company Hydro thanks all of the colleagues at the Grevenbroich location who contributed to a new record sum from this campaign: 5,564.98 euros have now been handed over to the Parent Initiative Children's Cancer Clinic in Düsseldorf.

For 35 years there has been a parents' association at the Düsseldorf Children's Cancer Clinic, which today provides 25 supervised places in the clinic. The parents' house, which was set up in 2013, enables parents to accompany their children's healing process on site and to help their sick child very closely. For many years, the initiative has been taking care of fulfilling the children's heart's desire: from the Bundesliga game to visits to the monkey house or dolphinarium to gifts such as a game console or a therapy bike. Numerous excursions have already been organized for groups, or visitors have been invited to the hospital, whether clowns or stars like the exceptional footballer Raúl.

"All of these actions together are an incredibly great commitment from this parent association, which supports the children and families with medical, technical, psychological and social support - we want to promote this with our colleague donation," said Ernst Schumacher, Chairman of the Works Council He handed the check over to Deputy Andrea Büttner to Marion Meyer from the parents' initiative. "We rarely receive such a large donation - many thanks to all donors at Hydro," said Marion Meyer. If you want to support the initiative, you can donate to a specific purpose or maybe have other help to offer. Because without public funds, parents, as wish-fulfillers and joy-givers of young patients, are completely dependent on private support.

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