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aluminium frames holding cables

Stories by Hydro

Tower in the sky with aluminium

Wind towers are built in sections and can stand more than 100 meters tall. CS Wind Vietnam builds the giant towers that support offshore wind turbines. They use lots of aluminium.

CS Wind develops wind farms, with several production sites situated around the world. Its facility in Vietnam is the only one that delivers tower sections fully integrated with the aluminium platform inside.

At its large industrial site in Tan Thanh, southeast of Ho Chi Minh City, massive tower sections lie flat, side by side, all across the property. The ends of the towers are covered by canvas flaps. Removing the canvas, you realize the enormity of its size – one can step inside and stand upright.

Inside the tower section, the aluminium platform becomes visible, with its staircase leading to the top of the tower.

Nguyen Thi Huyen of CS Wind Vietnam wants partners with technical competence, because such competence can improve solutions and reduce costs.

Important competence

Na Yeo-Song manages the Aluminium and Steel Fabrication Plant for CS Wind Vietnam. He points to an extruded aluminium bracket and talks about Hydro.

“First we had a solution using aluminium plate, but we experienced cracks in the plate and needed a new solution. Hydro came up with an idea to replace the plate with a bracket and this has saved material costs both in cutting and bending, as it can be cut to length,” he says.

The new product was designed to meet our needs. An important improvement.

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