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A specific topic

This program addresses the various profile design possibilities depending on the chosen theme, whether it is a sector or a particular service. During this day, you will attend the presentation of the different industrial standards, on tolerances or design rules thanks to the different Hydro experts.

Here is what participants said about their experience:

"Very well organized by the Hydro team, I really enjoyed this seminar. We discussed interesting aspects that we hope to use in our future projects."

"Thank you for your welcome and the organization of this very successful day! I will not hesitate to share the presentations and documentation received with my interested colleagues."

Our experts look into your needs

We have the possibility to adapt this format according to your requests and those of your employees. Hydro, for example, provides you with experts in the automotive, rail, electronics, maritime and environmental markets.

Topics covered during a Profile Academy:

  • Properties of aluminum
  • Process of extrusion and design rules
  • Aluminum, the metal of the future
  • Our additional services: surface treatment, machining and welding
  • Design workshop on a specific topic
Academies in France Profile Workshop

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