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A special aluminium alloy for solar thermal systems

Make sure you choose the right aluminium alloy for the tubes you use in the collector circuit of your solar thermal system. The HyLife™ Solar alloy can give you 20 years of performance.

Hydro and Switzerland’s Solartechnik Prüfung Forschung (SPF) have put HyLife™ Solar through some of the toughest high-temperature corrosion tests ever performed. And the results are clear: HyLife™ Solar alloy tubes are fit for use in solar thermal systems.

The tubes can be expected to last for 20 years, when the following design criteria are met:

  • The aluminium tubes should only be used in the collector circuit and for closed systems that are sealed
  • The aluminium tubes should only be used in systems that include a glycol with an inhibitor in the heat transfer fluid. The amount of glycol in the mixture should follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Aluminium tubes tailored for manufacturer products

HyLife™ Solar aluminium tubes can be used with the following products:

  • Antifrogen® SOL HT and Antifrogen® SOL HT Conc. from Clariant International Ltd
  • Coracon Sol 5 and Coracon Sol 5F from Aqua Concept GmbH
  • ®PEKASOLar 100 and ®PEKASOLar 30-50% from pro KÜHLSOLE GmbH
  • Solarliquid L and Solarliquid L Gebrauchsfertig from Staub & Co Chemiehandels GmbH
  • Tyfocor® L and Tyfocor® L Concentrate from Tyforop GmbH
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