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illustration of bike rack in open and folded positions

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Bike rack with aluminium wings

EasyFold is the name of Thule Group's hitch-mounted bicycle rack. The rack is foldable and compact, making it easy to store and transport, and it can carry loads of up to 60 kg.

With EasyFold, the key word is easy. Thule knows that storage can be an issue for consumers when it comes to buying a bicycle carrier. Many do not have the space in their homes or in their cars to fit traditional bike carriers.

EasyFold is designed for that purpose. It can be stored in a carrying bag – like a travel bag – and its features make it easy to carry and to mount on the back of a vehicle.

The rack fits all bicycles. It was constructed with two extruded aluminium profiles: One is the 40-centimeter wing profile, the other is a central profile that serves as the hub of the design.

Our demands on design and detail have always been huge, and Hydro gave us the utmost support throughout the entire process.
Director of design engineering Anders Sjödell of Thule.

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