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Hydro donates NOK 2.2 million to local sports and cultural activities in Norway

The funds will go to local organizations that have suffered loss of income and the ability to hold activities as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

summer school for children at sunndal
Several of Hydro's plants in Norway are donating money to local community organizations to get the wheels turning again. Shown here is an earlier summer school group at the Sunndal plant. (Photo: Øyvind Breivik/Hydro)

“We want to contribute to getting the wheels turning again for our local communities,” says Eivind Kallevik, Executive Vice President responsible for the Primary Metal business in Hydro.

“There have been a lot of efforts to prevent the spreading of Covid-19. Now that society is slowly normalizing, it’s time to help get the wheels turning again. This donation is designed to do exactly that.”

The donation is earmarked for charitable causes and will go directly to those who need support in sports and cultural activities in communities near a selection of Hydro’s aluminium plants in Norway: Sunndal, Årdal, Høyanger, Husnes, Karmøy and Vigeland.

“Local plant managers, union representatives and local authorities will be cooperating on how the funds will be distributed. The goal is that the donations will be spread among several organizations and quickly for the benefit of the groups,” says Kallevik.

 “It’s wonderful to be able to contribute to local organizations to get the wheels turning again after a challenging period with practically no income-producing activities,” says Andreas Bakken, an employee representative in Årdal.

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