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Aluminum angle stock is used in an incredible number of manufactured products and a wide assortment of construction projects both commercial and industrial. It is considerably less expensive than wood, is lighter in weight, insect resistant, and resists warping and cracking from water damage. And extruded angles are available in a variety of finishes, including brushed and polished finishes.

Angles are L-shaped cross-sections with equal or unequal “legs”. A 90-degree bend is by far the most common for angle stock, although there are angles with less than a 90-degree bend that leave the legs more open than 90-degrees. Extruded angles have slightly different shapes, depending on whether they are intended for architectural or structural use.

Architectural angle stock features a sharp 90-degree angle on the outside and inside corners where the two legs meet, and its thickness is consistent throughout its length. Architectural angles are generally made from 6063 alloy and often finished with a –T6 temper. 6063 aluminum angles are produced with extremely smooth surfaces that make them easier to anodize, and are used when appearance is of primary importance, such as in architectural molding and trim, window and door construction, and furniture.

Structural angle stock, on the other hand, has a slightly rounded inside corner where the legs meet and a sharp 90-degree angle on the outside. The legs are tapered on the outside so the thickness is not constant throughout the length.

Structural angles are designed for strength more than appearance, and offer the advantage of low weight. They are typically made from 6061 alloy, as well as with a –T6 temper to meet the requirements of heavy-duty structures such as truck and marine components, railroad cars, tank fittings, roof trusses, floor framing, wire products and pipelines.

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In addition to aluminum angle extrusions, choose from a wide range of aluminum rod, bar, pipe and tube products and a comprehensive selection of C-channels, U-channels, tees, zees, H-beams and I-beams from the Hydro Extrusion's ACC-U-LINE™ family of products. We deliver a consistent and dependable uniformity that is unsurpassed by any competing extruded product on the market, and our expansive resources will ensure your success in every imaginable application.