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While the extrusion process may seem as simple as pressing clay through a Play-Doh® Fun Factory, considerably more detailed and sophisticated technologies are involved. For example, press size determines how large of an extrusion can be produced.

Our Cressona, Pennsylvania facility is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO TS16949 certified and well-equipped to produce very large extrusions with the following press sizes:

  • 2,500 ton (8")
  • 2,900 ton (12") (two)
  • 3,600 ton (10")
  • 3,800 ton (12”)
  • 4,250 ton (12", 16", 18")
  • 4,380 ton (16”)
  • 5,700 ton (16”)
  • 6,000 ton (14", 18", 21")

Fabrication and Finishing Processes

Beyond just extruding the product, we also offer a full range of in line and offline fabrication and finishing processes. Examples of some of these secondary operations are:

CNC Milling
Our aluminum CNC machining services take the guesswork out of fabricating your custom aluminum parts. Machining centers are specially designed for milling aluminum extrusions with higher efficiency rates.

Powder Coatings
When you need to reduce emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC), powder-coat finishes, which use no solvents, make the process more environmentally friendly than liquid finishing. The coating is fusion bonded and forms a thicker coating, providing better protection and longer product life.

If your products do not need the protective coating provided by anodizing or other chemical finishing options, you may want to consider tumbling. A tumbled finish has a galvanized appearance. The entire part is tumbled, eliminating swirl marks from deburring machines and flow lines from the extrusion process.

Precision and Miter Cutting
Precision and miter cutting are essential for creating extrusion profiles in the length required by your design. Precision saws differ based on how much accuracy they provide and the compound angles they can create. Miter cutting is not as accurate but is particularly useful in corner connector cutting, and for door, window, and picture frame products. Hydro can handle any size order with ease, tight tolerance and speed.

MIG Welding
Metal inert gas (MIG) welding uses a consumable wire electrode and shielding gas, which is continuously fed through a welding gun. Thicker materials require more powerful equipment.

Kitting and Assembly
Kitting is the gathering of components needed for the manufacture of a specific assembly or product. Individual components are gathered together, as a kit, and delivered to the point of use. Kitting can reduce material handling and processing times and improve line side assembly. Hydro specializes in providing cost effective, value-added assembly and kitting solutions for our customers.

As an aluminum extrusions manufacturer in Pennsylvania, Hydro Extrusion offers unparalleled resources in the industry, as well as the product range and technical expertise to provide the most complete line of extrusion profiles, including standard and custom shapes (solid, semi-hollow and hollows), seamless and structural pipe and tube, standard high fin and thin fin heat sinks, and more.

Contact Hydro Extrusion today to find out why we are a key supplier for the automotive, solar/renewable energy, distribution, building & construction and transportation industries in Pennsylvania