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“This prize is actually just what I needed now,” Falch says of the super-light MacBook Air computer that he fired up straight away.

Falch was one of more than 3,000 participants of the SMS quiz that ran from September to November in Norway.

Says Inger Sethov, head of Communication in Hydro: “The choice of what to give as first prize was no coincidence. It’s a great example of how aluminium can make all sorts of products even lighter and stronger.”

Outpouring of creativity

The SMS quiz was part of Hydro’s campaign to profile the advantages of aluminium with slogans printed on aluminium cans. As part of the campaign, people – especially students – were encouraged to contribute their own slogans.

“The outpouring of creativity was amazing,” says Eva S. Mellgren of Hydro’s Communication department.

The winner of the slogan competition, Norwegian University of Science and Technology student, Georg Ellila, contributed “The future is in your hands.”

He won a trip to Qatar to view Hydro’s Qatalum aluminium plant that is currently under construction.

Excited about Qatalum

“I’m really looking forward to visiting Qatalum and Qatar. It’s a big, relevant project,” says the 20-year-old Ellila, who is studying chemistry.

Ellila is no stranger to Hydro. He has also visited our aluminium plant in Sunndal, Norway. “It was there that I got a lot of information about the project in Qatar, so it’s extra special that I’m getting this opportunity to get even more into this project.”

Three other top prize-winners will receive two tickets each to the Nobel Peace Prize Concert in Oslo December 11.

The slogan competition web site attracted an average of 1,425 hits per day, and drove extra traffic to Hydro's web site. In all, 1,632 different slogans were suggested.

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