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A positive greenhouse effect

Greenhouses that require long spans without reducing light are a technical challenge. In a world traditionally dominated by steel, BBK Veksthus has solved the problem with aluminium extrusion technology.

BBK Veksthus makes greenhouses where aluminium extrusions are the main building material. The main products are buildings for garden centers and commercial greenhouses.
The greenhouses are a technical challenge to satisfy a series of sometimes conflicting demands. Long spans require extrusions that are both very strong and stable.
 At the same time, a basic requirement for an effective greenhouse is that it lets in the maximum amount of light, which means using the slimmest extrusions available.
Add the fact that the greenhouses are exposed to high forces from the wind and loads from snow, as well as having to be well sealed and effectively allow condensation and rain water to run off, and you can appreciate how complicated the equation has become.
Luckily, aluminium’s built-in anticorrosive properties deal with the demands for durability in what can be an aggressive environment with chemical fertilizers and damp.

Some 50 extrusions

The BBK construction system uses over 50 types of extrusion, accurately shaped and designed for optimum strength and stability, ease of handling and assembly, as well as fastening and connection to systems for illumination and climate control, fertilizing and so on.
Parts of the system are welded together by BBK in its own workshops, including framework constructions of aluminium extrusions for strengthening the long roof spans, but for the most part joints use bolts, screws, riveting or clip connectors.

Turn-key constructions

BBK is virtually alone in building entirely of aluminium in a world that is still dominated by steel. The company provides turnkey constructions that not only include the load-bearing framework with walls, roof, windows and doors, but that are also fully equipped with systems for climate control, irrigation, fertilizing, illumination and shade control and so on.

The greenhouses are produced in modules and delivered ready to assemble. The bulk of production is for commercial greenhouses used as a retail outlet and greenhouses with special demands for functional and aesthetic design.
Demands that are completely satisfied by BBK's system based

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