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Internship program growing in popularity

Hydro’s internship program drew a record number of applications. Interns have been carefully selected and met high criteria in order to earn a position with Hydro and we have 24 interns joining us, working across business areas and locations.

Recently, all of our interns gathered for a two-day session to undertake the Hydro Fundamentals program, introducing our history, future aspirations and our focus on people.

Our internship programs are meant to provide the students with on-the-job training and an insight into Hydro’s operations and different business areas.

There is a tough market for the best young minds out there, and an internship program offers the students a possibility to gain experience while still at school, and also an opportunity to explore whether this is a potential future workplace.

In effect, a successful internship program is mutually beneficial, as we wish to develop future Hydro ambassadors who want, and strive for a job with us after graduation.

Common program

In order to ensure varied content within the program and a holistic overview of Hydro as a global company, a common program is arranged in parallel with the work in the respective business areas.

The Hydro Fundamentals program was the first of a total of four common events. Scheduled in the program is also a plant visit, the second quarter release presentation, and a final closing event in Oslo.

Over the summer the interns will also work on a group-based case assignment. This year, the case will give valuable input to the employer branding strategy work that is currently under way.

Our interns are within our key target group and it is essential to gather their input to this work.

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